Give me a couple minutes
Maybe one or two
To tell you about the time
I'm spendin' with my crew
Travelin' down the road
On the way to the show
Fraff backseat scribin'
Writing words that'll flow
Bradley bringing beats,
Kalel boomin' the bass
I'm a vessel of the spirit
Singin' in this place
We're battle soldiers caught
In spritual warfare
Fightin' for the souls of the lost
In this dark nightmare
Eternal flames and the gnashing of teeth,
Man, the thought of anyone living there
We just can't stand

Are you believing, loving, living
Receiving his love, his giving

We got this question for you
To ask yourself over again
Are you gonna live in sin
Or are you gonna live for him?
We're gonna let you know,
We're gonna show you how
If you want to live for Him
You have to do it right now

You see it's written in stone
That thou shalt not steal
That's why we're coming out of our speakers
Givin' you somethin' real, I feel good
And at the same time when we praise God
We make the crowd jump up,
We make your head bob

I know you think you're ok
But you've never ever felt this way
I know you think you're alright
But you take him inside in spite
I know you think you're alone
But you're not, so here we go
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Live For Him Lyrics

Pillar – Live For Him Lyrics