Your screams of passion in the night
When I get deep inside
Love is callin for me
Don't you know, I want you
I need you, to need me, to be true

But you know that I couldn't stay
My dreams will take me away
Between the sheets awake in bed
Lost inside my own head
I always feel like I'm caught in a bind
To love you, or leave you
I'm too afraid to decide

So I keep lovin you babe

Oh baby don't you tell no lies
I can see the sunrise illuminate your eyes
Oh baby said can't you see
Your the remedy to cure my sweet disease
Oh darlin we'll be ridin to the sun
When the darkness falls and the world is done
Oh baby said soon you will find
All the fears inside are all in your mind
Said lovelight illuminate the night
Turn my darkness into everlasting light
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Lovelight Lyrics

Pigeon Park – Lovelight Lyrics