Trashed and battered now
And passed out on the floor
I'm getting good at sleeping on dates
Nothing seems to hold my interest anymore

Bad ideas come in small doses
Nice to meet you
We can't wow you with our people skills
We make enemies not friends

Your name again?
I just met someone
Whose name I already forgot
Come back and tell me what has changed

Your fake blood and blonde
Do not compliment your face
Go get your gun, I'll get my hammer
We are the only friends that we have

It was the intention to make
The third verse the same as the first
Getting dumber as I get older
Only wimps can not handle broken hearts

We don't know anyone in this town
I'm making a pact
I'm delivering
I'm making a scene

I'm delivering
We're making a pact
We're delivering
We're making a scene

We're delivering
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Karate Chops For Everyone But Us Lyrics

Piebald – Karate Chops For Everyone But Us Lyrics