Wait til summer comes
I'll be wrapped up in her arms
And she holds me
And she holds me down
Got all this time
Feel no need to be alarmed
Can't rush me
Can't rush this now

But soon it's gonna crumble away...

Seems the tables turned
Such a funny a thing
The one I'd forgotten is the one I need
But now I have her and I don't need anything
I know I won't lose this before I lose my sleep

Cos' soon it's gonna crumble away

I remember what you said to me
One night
I feel better when I'm free
That was alright
But now you seemed to change your mind
Well we all change in time
And we can't change that

Retrospection comes
When I try to forget
Don't wanna remember
Gotta try to forget her
After August comes the fall
It's time for changes
Don't wanna remember
Let autumn forget her
But soon it's gonna crumble away

All my anger
All my pain
It lays upon a forgotten name
It hurts so bad
But it's all the same
I'm tired, yeah I'm tired
Bang my chest scream out loud
But no one seems to hear me now
It's alright, I'll figure it out somehow
I'm tired, yeah I'm tired of this
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Autumn Lyrics

Pico Vs. Island Trees – Autumn Lyrics