When I have depression, I start to get some rage,
If Im not having a feast, I want to turn the page.
When I get a bad hand (in cards), I say it gets hairy,
When someone says fest, it means the times are merry.
In the front of my yard, they play tackle basketball,
All they do around here, is play a lot of disk golf.

They don't smoke pot,
They just smoke cereal,
Kanik had a lot,
Hes lucky he's not in jail.

Early in dans basement,
Risin' to to deal,
Light me up that cereal
And I'll get my chips for cards.

At times dan gets pocker rage,
When parkhill fucks his chips,
He messis 'till there all messed up,
That's when Dan really flips.
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Libertyville Lyrics

Phish – Libertyville Lyrics