Here I sit with this cup of life in front of me
I see it's full but I'm afraid to drink
Because I've tried and I've missed the mark
So many times
I can't forget all the hurt inside
But rising up from the ashes
Of these memories
I reach for a hand to save me
And I hear Him Calling
Walk on
Til fear turns to faith and faith becomes sight
Where strength begins
You've got to press on
Move on through the pain
Move on to the place
Where weakness ends
Where strength begins
Here I stand looking to the climb
That's up ahead
I will fall but I'll get up again
Because I know if I keep on walking
Through the fire
I'll be a newer, stronger man of God and I'll
Rise up from the ashes of my memories
And I'll reach for His hand to save me
And I'll hear Him calling
Take up your cross
Get up and walk
Where strength begins
Rising up from the ashes of these memories
I reach for his hand to save me
And I hear Him calling
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Where Strength Begins Lyrics

Phillips, Craig & Dean – Where Strength Begins Lyrics

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