Sometimes I forget, then I remember
Sometimes I hold on, then I let go
Sometimes I fight, then I surrender
Losing you's been harder than you'll ever know
I'm just caught here, halfway there
I'm hangin' in mid-air

Somewhere in between, in the middle
Of the darkness and the light
All I can see is the hazy gray
Between the black and white
I'm not laughin', I'm not cryin'
I'm not livin', I'm not dyin', I'm not flyin'
And I'm not down on my knees
Until I'm over you I'm gonna be stuck
Somewhere in between

The funny thing about your memory
Is how it takes me by surprise
How suddenly it sneaks up on me
Comes around and cuts me down to size
There's a crossroad up ahead
I'm just not there yet, I'm...


I'm just not there yet, I'm...


Somewhere in between
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Somewhere In Between Lyrics

Phil Vassar – Somewhere In Between Lyrics

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