Winter sure was cold and miserable
Cooped up, shut down; baby, it was pitiful
Anyhow, it's over now
We owe to ourselves to have a little fun
The pace car's pacin'; now the green flag's wavin'

Uh oh, another six-pack summer comin'
Sing to me, babe; I'll be your dashboard drummer, and
Let's turn the radio up as loud it can go
Got the ultra-ray wraparound sunglass vision
Got the sails up, iced down a cool ambition
Just to relax and let the six-pack summer roll

We've got the sun block, a blanket, and the best of Jimmy Buffet
T-bones for the grill; hey, ain't it great to rough it?
The party's on from dawn til dawn
Twenty-four-seven till they pull the plug
No more waitin'; come on and kiss me, baby


Slow and steady, I'm so ready
Uh oh, another six-pack summer

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Six-Pack Summer Lyrics

Phil Vassar – Six-Pack Summer Lyrics

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