Santa hit the powerball in january
Left the north pole, rudolf and the ol tooth fairy
For a 90210 neighborhood
Yeah santas gone hollywood
Got no bills, blue pills
He's hung up his sack
Mrs clause is looking hot
She's even got a new rack
She been nip tucked lipo sucked up and tightened up good
Yeah santas gone hollywood
Now look at that deep dark tan
He's the king of tv land
He's even got a band and I hear they good, real good
Yeah santas gone hollywood
He's got courtside seats at all the lakers games
Even got his own star on the walk of fame
Got a mazzaratti, papparizi all on his hood
Yeah santas gone hollywood
He's rockin on the sunset strip
The partys at the cringle crib
And if your on the naughty list it's all good, real good
Santas gone hollywood
Yeah things have sure changed since they won a hundred million
He's gone brunette and she's gone brazilian
A medical card and a case of the munchies and sometimes he talks to the easter bunny
Now santa's got s** appeal
Offered him a movie deal
And oprah would interview him if she could
But she can't
Cause santa gone holly
He's never been so jolly
Ho ho hollywood
Ho ho hollywood
Santas gone hollywood
Santas gone a list baby
What's all the ho ho ho
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Santa's Gone Hollywood Lyrics

Phil Vassar – Santa's Gone Hollywood Lyrics