Had a 3 27 and a four on the floor
It was Detroit built back in '64
Red bucket seats, she was mine all mine
Yeah she was one of a kind
Devon called shot gun
And the boys piled in
We were young, we were innocent, we were guilty as sin
And every Friday night, we'd make our get away
In my Chevrolet

Big yellow moon on the country road
And night moons on the stereo
The windows down and the smell of fresh cut hay
If that Chevy could talk
The stories she'd tell
About broken hearts and love and raising hell
Yeah it was summertime
And those were the days in my Chevrolet.

Jenny was an angel, she was my first love
Steaming up the windows and getting all tangled up
Stumble round in the darkness trying to find our way
Hey, at the drive in movies
We parked way up at the back
I couldn't tell you what was playing
I didn't care nothing about that
And after that we hit the road
And parked down by the lake in my Chevrolet.


Oh yeah.
May 28th, graduation day
We set out to see the USA
We got as far as Smith Mountain Lake
Yeah, but that's OK in my Chevrolet.
Oh yeah, in my Chevrolet.
We were rolling away in my Chevrolet.
Those were the days, yeah, in my Chevrolet
Oh, oh, oh yeah
We were rolling away.
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My Chevrolet Lyrics

Phil Vassar – My Chevrolet Lyrics

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