[Hispanic Woman]
What the world needs is true expression
From the soul and the heart
What the world needs is you and me
What the world needs is the universe and love
Please remain seated

People walk with the eyes of a child
And a smile so innocent and a heart so militant
Brain's got an ill intent so be intense
Some friends at the margin
Making summer streams harden
All these bulls shitting
Trying to milk me by the carton
But, uh, excuse me sir, I begs your pardon
Can't you see how low the hole has gotten?
Apple's completely rotten with the worm in it
Dying, still we're relying on who?
In this case I face the grace
Of my unseen God
Even the taste of what's seemingly odd
Relieving what stress I manifested
From the weight of the world on my chest
Feeling restless, ready to hurt someone
But a hurt that size never eased the eyes
To no one, it's no fun
Selfless shades of living
Got to feel each day that's given

[Chorus 2X: Slimkid3Woman]
Now what the world needs is a love
That's sweeter than the melodies
That makes you go around and round and round

[ImaniCitizen Strange]
In too many situations I'm finding more complications
Than childbirth but this my earth and I'm a
Conscious creature of creation
Here hear with my imagination
Living for my son, dying for my son
Walking into the Sun, each one teach one
And it's love that completes the mission
And adds to everything that you thought was missing
Listen, you got to keep your mind, body and soul in check
In this land of no respect, where it's all about the cheque
I'm looking for a better day
Thinking that there's got to be a better way
Ask Tre,
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World Lyrics

Pharcyde – World Lyrics