[Verse 1]
I'm cruisin' in my car just ridin' on thru,
I saw a lil cutie that I wanna do,
Now don't get me wrong cuz I'm not a tramp,
I just get what I want cuz you know I'm'ma champ,
At getting all the guys that I really want,
Like that sexy Japanese boy cuz I got it like that,
So I'm'ma take my time and cruise on thru,
I got plenty of time and nothing to do!

[Verse 2]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, to the 6's,
I'm cruisin' on thru and I'm flipping the switches,
Just admiring everthing that I see,
Cuz everything looks better than it does on TV,
So I'm cruisin around and cruisin thru,
Sitting laidback with plenty to do.
But I don't really care cuz I'm feeling good,
Can't no one tell me different and I wish you would!

[Verse 3]
I'm cruisin'... just cruisin', cruisin',
Living the lavish life [and] I know what I'm doing,
Gas hand on E but I don't really care,
Foot on the gas petal with my hands in the hair.
I'm a speed demon whem it comes to the road,
I'm like a maniac with a touch of gold.
U can't tell me nothing when I'm behind the wheel
Cuz I feel like I'm made of gold & platnium & steel.

[Verse 4]
As I cruisin on thru my lovely city,
Guys are waving and they want to get me,
But I'm cruisin' around just because I want to,
Not for a man but just to break thru.
The city lights is glaring on me.
I'm feeling like a million bucks and I'm pretty.
Im'ma cruise on thru and light up the spot
Cuz I'm looking mighty good & I'm looking really hot

I'm Cruisin' in my car.
Just cruisin' in my car.
I'm Cruisin' in my car.
Just cruisin' in my car!
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I'm Cruisin' In My Car Lyrics

Phantom Rose – I'm Cruisin' In My Car Lyrics