Long haired baby, mad gone crazy
You turned my head around
Flat on my back, you took what you got
And walked without a sound
Dizzy and blue, I shoulda known you'd
Throw me a line
I bought it big time
But one thing I never said

You're a little man, little man
You're a little man, Oh a little little man

Now I may sound bitter but this was a kicker
I still kind of hold a grudge
I should 've seen it coming
But you, you'd buy the booze
And honey, I would lose it
I still remember, you weren't that fucking great

I won't give up my mind for you,
Oh no little man
This time you're on your ass it's true
Oh yeah little man
Little man, little man a little man
You're a little man, little man a little man
The best part of you was left on the sheet
Who you gonna please with that thing? Yourself?
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Little Man Lyrics

Phantom Blue – Little Man Lyrics

Songwriters: Chambers, Karina / Monaco, Katherine / Cummings, Leanne Kathleen / Schofield, Lynsey / McDonald, Wayne / Nicholson, Dave
Little Man lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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