I stand on the tallest building
And stare down at the grey runway
And the tail-smoke of the Boeing jet
That's taking you so far away.
Believe me, I don't want you to leave me;
Look in my eyes and you'll see them
Filled with pain.
Imagine just how sad I'll be
In some future day when I turn
And no longer see your face.
All I can now cry is goodbye, love, goodbye.
In a week, in a month, in a year,
In a lifetime how I'll feel none can tell.
All I know is now you're going
There's really no-one here to help.
Believe me.
Already it's too late, you're through the boarding-gate
And walking on the tarmac.
Already you are free, already you've left me
And cannot bear to look back,
Can you?
A brief taxi on the runway,
Then up into the stilling night sky;
And I'm standing on the observation tower,
My eyes too dimmed by distance to cry.
Believe me.
All I can now do is walk away alone,
Without you.
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Airport Lyrics

Peter Hammill – Airport Lyrics