All I need is the time to recharge, ooh yeah
Yeah, got the picture baby, we must enlarge, ooh yeah
Some day to shake, shake my hand
'Cause I play singer with the band
Who calls fire and runs away
'Cause no one listened yesterday, yesterday
Now I see we're at the point of return
At the point of return
You know, it takes a while but I guess I can learn
Ooh, baby, I want to learn
Midnight sun, I'm on the run
No more walking, shoot the gun
Well, my waiting's over, turn me loose, turn me loose
I ain't nobody, nobody?s golden goose
Scold me, hold me close to you
If you only held the clue, ooh, the clue
Under, over, inside me
Well it's funny, funny how we do agree
Yeah, how we do agree
Golden goose, turn me loose
Golden goose, turn me loose
Golden goose, turn me loose
Every time, every time I try to come back
'Cause there just ain't no guidin', no guidin' track
Well, if you don't know me then you never, never will
Like the doctor I don't need it, you can keep the pill when I'm ill
I ain't nobody, nobody's golden goose
Yeah, let me loose, ooh golden goose
Turn me loose, golden goose
Yeah turn me loose, golden goose
Let me loose, golden goose
Let me loose
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Golden Goose Lyrics

Peter Frampton – Golden Goose Lyrics

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