In the air
In the air

The night was long
Now the crowd has gone
There's sunlight on my bed
Feels like a radiophonic
Beaming straight into my head
It could make you weep
I can't get to sleep
There's ringing in my ears
Like a radiophonic workshop
Orchestrating all my
Stupid fears

I think I'm in love
I think I'm in love

My skin is itching
I'm totally twitching
With the pounding in my head
Like a dub sub-sonic beat-box
Booming bass under the bed
My hands are shaking
My mind is aching
With a feeling deep inside
That you've been staring
Sending signals
Every time our paths collide


Think I'm in love


In the air
In the air
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Radiophonic Lyrics

Pet Shop Boys – Radiophonic Lyrics

Songwriters: TENNANT/LOWE
Radiophonic lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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