Love, makes lovely out of lonely
Love, with someone and only
Time, time to take, time to share
All that's hiding there, behind your heart
As you start livin' for, a brighter, surer...

Love, to wrap around a romance
Love, the dance of the slow dance
One , one and one making more
Than any one before
By knowin' you're in love...

No more, handing out hands of solitaire
And no more, New Year's Eve with the evening news
No more blues...No more blues...

Love, love that speaks with a smile
Knowing all the while, we want to cry
But you try smiling deeper, just to keep a...

Love, that writer's write their songs for
Love, that poetry longs for
You, and you alone
Make my loneliness unknown
An' so you own
My love!
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Love Lyrics

Perry Como – Love Lyrics

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