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Pepe Aguilar (born Jos? Aguilar on August 7th, 1968, San Antonio, Texas) is an American singer of Mexican descent who sings ranchera music. Composer. Singer. Musician. National charro champion. Movie star. Entertainer.

Inarguably one of the greatest artists of his time in the Latin music genre, 5-time Grammy winning artist Pepe Aguilar is an impressive master of fusion with an undisputed capacity to inspire audiences.

Blending traditional Mariachi sounds with contemporary pop music styling, Aguilar???s career is one that spans nearly 35 years and began alongside his parents, entertainers who traveled the Americas with their family. The son of recording legends Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, Pepe Aguilar was influenced and supported by his parents to start singing at a young age, gracing the stage for the first time at the age of three and performing at New York's Madison Square Garden two years later.

Aguilar???s early foray into the music world as a solo artist was rooted in rock music, but he later turned back to the melodies that embraced his heritage, fusing the traditional sounds of his youth with a modern, pop sound and becoming a strong identity in the Latin scene, in addition to developing a successful acting career. Among other awards that make Pepe Aguilar the most recognized singer in the history of his genre are five Grammys and twelve Premios Lo Nuestro. His biggest albums include 1998's Por Mujeres Como Tu, which spent nearly a year on the Latin and Mexican charts, 1999's Por una Mujer Bonita, which won him a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album, and 2005???s Historias de Mi Tierra which won a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album and a Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album. His 2006 release, 100% Mexicano, won him a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album and Enamorado, released in 2006, earned him a Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album.

With over 16 studio albums (plus multiple compilations) to his name and more than 10 million records sold, Aguilar???s latest release, Homenaje, pays tribute to the original ???Charro de Mexico??? (his father, Antonio Aguilar) with 13 of the most popular hits made famous by his father.

Q u o t e From Pepe Aguilar ??

"I've always been a big fan of Pepe. Not only are his parents legendary, but they gave us one of the biggest recording idols ever to come out of Mexico." - Merv Griffin

???In the world of Mexican Ranchero and Bolero singers, Pepe Aguilar is one of the most successful artists in his genre.??? - Qv Magazine's September/October 2000

???Pepe Aguilar has transformed his sound from romantic ranchera ballads to pop/rock love songs, which has catapulted him to one of the biggest Latin stars today.???

- Araceli Cruz, Special to The Press-Enterprise

???His distinctive brand of Mexican music, steeped in traditional roots with a contemporary twist, along with one of the most celebrated voices in Latin music, has become the hallmark sound for a generation. - Albert Sgambati, Latino Leaders, February 2005 ???Pepe Aguilar is one of the most popular ranchera music artists this world has produced. Pepe Aguilar is the first Mexican singer to perform in the famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles as well as the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.???

???Pepe Aguilar, the undisputable regional Mexican music idol, successfully kicked off his U.S. Tour at the world-famous Kodak Theatre in the City of Los Angeles this past weekend. Aguilar performed to a full house for three consecutive nights, making him the first international Latin artist to headline at the permanent home of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy Awards. At the strike of the first note played by the Zacatecano Mariachi band and before Aguilar appeared on stage, the audience???s display of affection and loyalty was evidenced by the myriad applauses and immediate commotion that invaded the venue with heartfelt anticipation. The pleasant reaction of the more than 3,000 spectators present was immediate when Aguilar appeared raised by a platform at the top of the stage, where he was able to witness the standing ovation of thousands of screaming fans that attended this historic first-ever Spanish language concert held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. -

H I G H L I G H T S Pepe Aguilar has garnered more awards than any other artist in the history of the Regional Mexican music genre.

5-time Grammy Award Winning artist and multiple Grammy Award nominee for the following: - 3-time American Grammy Award winner in the category for Best Mexican/Mexican American Album for Por una Mujer Bonita, Historias de Mi Tierra and 100% Mexicano - Nominated for an American Grammy for the production of ???Lo Mejor de Nosotros??? - 2-time Latin Grammy Award winner in the category for Best Ranchero Album for Historias de Mi Tierra and Enamorado. - 6-time Latin Grammy Award nominee for Por Mujeres Como T??, Lo Mejor de Nosotros, Y Tenerte Otra Vez, Con Orgullo Por Herencia, No Soy de Nadie and 100% Mexicano

Winner of 12 Premios Lo Nuestro. First Latin Artist to Perform in Concert at the Kodak Theater of Los Angeles, successfully playing to a full house for three consecutive nights. Only Singer in the genre of ranchero Music to draw a crowd of more than 135,000 people for his concert in The central plaza of Mexico City. First Mexican Singer to perform at The Hollywood Bowl accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orquestra for a crowd of 18,000 people. (2000) National Charro (Rodeo) champion Was presented with an award by the mayor of Los Angeles proclaiming an official ???Pepe Aguilar day??? in the city of Los Angeles. Received the keys to the city of Los Angeles on September 15, 2003 at a concert at City Hall commemorating Mexico???s Independence, where Aguilar successfully attracted a crowd of more tHan 20,000 people.

Was one of three Latinos honored by the Mayor of Los Angeles in a Special ???Latin Heritage??? ceremony held in October 2007 for demonstrating exemplary leadership for the Latin community.

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