Wait up stranger
Until the omen comes

In darkness faded
She's watching with this eyes

Of hollow silence
The dollhouse waitin her

A fearless breeze in
Protects the toy she's left

Blood stains everywhere
The gate sealed off

Lost into that house of grace
That used to call home

Faces they call my name
She's over my soul

The hands that holdin me so tight
They want me join her dolls


Evilly... wont you tell me your secret
Your dollhouse waiting
You're coming back... coming back...
Evily... wont you tell me your secret
Every little thing I know you're
Coming back... coming back...

Into the hall I see
Your crying face of
An angel forced to live
Under this dollhouse
Souls she keeps engaged
I can't escape this
(E)royal death
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Evilly's Dollhouse Lyrics

Pelfekin – Evilly's Dollhouse Lyrics