Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair
Do you think it's gonna make him change?
"I'm just a boy with a new haircut"
And that's a pretty nice haircut
Charge it like a puzzle,
Hit men wearin' muzzles
Hesitate you'll die, look around, around,
The second drummer's drowned
His telephone is found

Music scene is crazy,
Bands start up each and every day
I saw another one just the other day
A special new band
I don't remember lying
I don't remember a line
I don't remember a word

But I don't care,
I care,
I really don't care
Did you see the drummer's hair?

Advertising looks and chops a must
No big hair!
Songs mean a lot
When songs are bought
And so are you
Face right down to the practice room
Attention and fame's a career
Career, career, career, career, career
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Cut Your Hair Lyrics

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Pavement – Cut Your Hair Lyrics

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