A night in television wonderland
Just one more fairytale about some rich bitch
Lying by the swimming pool
It's the golden school
And life is easy when you make the rules
Last Friday was the first time
It only took about a half a minute
On the stairway
It was child's play
The odds turn out even
When you give up believing in the...

Cold law, steel claw,
Try to get on board; you find the lock is on the door
Well, I say, no way!
Don't try to keep me out or there'll be hell to pay!
I don't know who's right or who's wrong
But it doesn't really matter
When you're crawling in the gutter
It's a see-saw
A long, hot battle with the cold law
Is what you get for messing with the
Steel claw

The politicians have forgotten this place
Except for a flying visit in a black Mercedes
At election time
They cross the line
And everybody runs to watch the pantomime
If they could see what's going on around here
So many people hanging on to the edge
Crying out for revolution!
The odds turn out even
When you give up believing in the cold law


Sometimes I think I'm going crazy
Sometimes I do a line; makes me laugh
Makes me want to take a joy ride
On the high tide
Sometimes I'm contemplating suicide
Meanwhile Bobby's out in Benidorm
I know he's making out with some sweet senorita
And they go dancing
In the moonlight
The odds turn out even
When you give up the believing in the cold law

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Steel Claw Lyrics

Paul Brady – Steel Claw Lyrics

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