Mil Besos Patty Griffin (1000 Kisses) He encontrado en tu amor, la fe perdida, Ahora tiene mi vida una razn. No s?si fue el embrujo de tus ojos, que le dijo a tus labios, Rbale el corazn. Yo s?que en los mil besos se me fue el corazn; y dicen que es pecado que te he dado en la boca querer como te quiero, Quizs tengan razn. todo lo que me digan, Pero que ha de importarme que si es pecado amarte no te he de olvidar; yo he de seguir pecando nunca lo he de ocultar. te he de seguir besando el corazn que en besos Te he de seguir amando, hasta volverte loca. yo te deje en la boca? hasta que me devuelvas the lost faith, English Translation: I have found in your love, Now a reason has my life. I do not know if it were the spell of your eyes, that it said to him to your lips, Rbale the heart. I know that in the thousand kisses that I have given you in the mouth it was itself to me the heart; and they say that he is sinned to want as I want to you, Perhaps they are right. But that is to matter to me everything what they say to me, that if he is sinned amarte I do not have to forget to you; I have to continue sinning never there am it to hide. I have to you to continue loving, I have to you to continue kissing until I go crazy. until you give back to me the heart that in kisses I leave you in the mouth...
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Mil Besos Lyrics

Patty Griffin – Mil Besos Lyrics