Money, money, money, go and catch the money - money, money, money, go and snatch the money- money, money, money, moneypulation is going on - it takes over like a storm

1st verse: sometimes, when I wake up at night - a voice say get up and run - in the meantime another voice says - go and fight babylon - 'cause everywhere I walk and everywhere I go - I see brethrens that sell their souls - everywhere I go and everywhere I walk - I hear bad intentions behind them talks - everybody just thinks about this advantages - evan the people you call your friends - money gives worth to things that that ain't go no worth that's why useless - things mean so much to them - money may pay what's of vanity - but it could never pay what ever (always) will stay


2nd verse: sometimes when I stay up at night- and I am in my meditation - I get to realise - that Africa is the cradle - and babylin is the grave of man - it's brainwashington that seems to run babylon - but as big ecinomists pass through - even the white-wash-house has to bow down - mutation of man is the reaction to their plan - but babylon is going down - in this time of revelation

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Moneypulation Lyrics

Patrice – Moneypulation Lyrics