1, 2, 3, 4!


This music is our time
To reel out and rewind
I'll be brutal with truth
And I'll be honest with my soul


Be the pile of trash
A bum picks through to get a bite to eat
I'm filthy
I'm horny
I'm dirty, nasty, dirty

I'm strong
And fearless
Only 'cause I got rock and roll
I'm knee-deep
In our blood
Only 'cause I got rock and roll

Baby c'mon
Yeah, baby c'mon
Baby c'mon

Break it!
Break it!
Break it!


Crazier than I ever was
I'm bloodied up
I beat my skull in
I'm comin' home in a body bag
And I'm ready to die for rock and roll

I can't change my mind
I can only change myself, yeah!
I'm as sharp as a knife
As high as a kite
Demented as the night is long


I'm not sheddin' a tear
I'm blowin' some steam
Stuck in between
Living a dream [x2]

Baby c'mon
Yeah baby c'mon
Baby c'mon
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M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement) Lyrics