James bondage is a man I know
I picked him up pumping gas up on castro
I knew he was the one for me
Grey temples and a little paunch
Looks like he jumped out of the pages of honcho
I knew he had his eyes on me
Back to his bedroom
For a little role play
You know by now
I know that it won´t be a dull day
Chorus1:james bondage, james bondage
He´s get me tied up and held as a hostage
Gonna nibble, gonna bite
Gonna turn out the light, james bondage
James bondage with the handcuffs tight
I swear to God i´m gonna get it tonight
Oh I know that he´s got plans for me
On the kitchen table, on the bed
Strapped to a four-poster giving him head
Oh yeah! this is the life for me
Down to his dungeon
For a little session
With his whip in hand
He´s gonna teach me a lesson
Chorus2: james bondage, james bondage
He´s got me tied up and held as a hostage
Gonna lick, gonna suck
Gonna tell me to... james bondage
007 inches
A goldfinger up my ass
I wonder how much longer
Is he gonna last
(repeat chorus2)
Gonna lick, gonna suck
Gonna tell me to fuck, james bondage
Yes sir!
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James Bondage Lyrics

Pansy Division – James Bondage Lyrics