I am like a rat in a trap
Don't you fucking get near me
I will bite your hand if you reach
Towards me you can't help me now
I don't know who you are but I
Have these beautiful sharp teeth
I will chew my leg off just to
Put a stop to this fucking pain

I am like a clown down your street
Dancing keeping you happy
I can distract you amuse you
Keep you occupied but
You can't see my face under paint
You don't know what I'm feeling
I am walking off I'm leaving
I'm getting out of this parade

It's over

I am like a lie in my room
Counting and pacing the walls
I know how many bricks there are
Stacked up like burning witches
They scream and they cry and finally
Escape when they die
But I remain here, my jailer
Waiting for the day when I say

It's over
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E-Mass Lyrics

Pal – E-Mass Lyrics

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