Killing me he's killing me we killing me me killing me killing me ...... infectious human waste forefather cancer hunter prostate gods killer KILLER a testosterone feeding drone multiplying, multiplying hungry clones time to DEFY the HIVE


I. our time has come!!! you're just as weak as me but not as strong! just as imperfect! but twice as flawed! I see your skin and I hate the way you look at me! and softly invade eye'm afraid! insane! rage intensified! I'll feel no fear or hate as I ... commit .... MENOCIDE!!

Girls in the playroom house-wives servants in the workplace slaves to lies!!

II. those who refuse to grow we leave behind !give death to them! with an evolved state of mind no one's listening save your cries everything they taught was a lie hear me now this battlecry DIE! DIE! CONCUBINE!

- what to wear
- what to eat
- what to feel
- what to think
- how to act
- how to speak
- insecure
- incomplete!!


.. apple eater! .. deceiver! .. protector of the way!

This is the beginning of my Liberation! THIS IS THE BEGINNING!! BRIDES & BREEDERS!! Lillith, Eve, Isis, Kali GIVE ME FREE!! [always] REMEMBER!!! FEE-MALE CIRCUMCISIONS! BURNING! LIKE SALEM WITCHES! NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN! no compassion kill your masters! MENOCIDE! kill your masters kill your masters kill your masters

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Menocide Lyrics

Otep – Menocide Lyrics