New beginning, thrust into our new consciousness
Final ending, all reversing, infinity is uncoiling
How can this be? Unwound eternity
The air is gone, atmosphere evaporated
All lungs explode, still, life has not ceased
Unthought process, ripping through the whole universe
The stars all gone, consumed forever more
Silent, yet thunder tears through me
No light or sound to find my way
If I could feel, I'd die of fear
No emotion to explain anything that's happening
Narration of what's unfolding
Everything is now imploding
Past and future, time and space is
Now nothing and never was galaxies
Are vaporizing great volumes reduced to nothing
History of any world not even a memory
Past and future, time and space
Is returning to its origin
I have become one with everything
That has existed then reduced to nothing
Universal point of no light, infinity now waits
Eternally to be reborn as it's born it will die
Endless cycle of creation
Between nothing, we leap into what we know
The births and deaths of all there is will recycle endlessly
Between infinity is what we have known for all to be
Compressed, unwound, pleasure, torture, all at one point
The past, future, conquered for us, back to the start
Light returns, ever slowly dim, then winks out
Every time it grows brighter, then it's snuffed out
Color bleeds into voids of black, reappears
Soon the void blinds what I can see, I'm reborn
Nothing is what it once was, light is dark
Inverted, so confusing, backward is forward now
Proceed in disarray, get nowhere, yet achieve all that I wish
Conquer worlds and all tings back and forth
The universe, it respirates and dies to give birth again
Though nothing is the same
All comes back, all goes black
I have seen nothing though I have seen all there is to be
I have been nothing and I will be all there was to be
I have seen nothing as I have seen all there is to be
I have been nothing and I will be all there is to be
Imploding, implode me
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Implosion Of Eternity Lyrics

Origin – Implosion Of Eternity Lyrics