A million miles an hour, with an overloaded mind
Ridin' on an asteroid into a different space in time
Satellites of madness are building mushrooms in the sky
Through a magic universe, into the neon light

It's a lonely ride

Fly on through a mountain like a rocket to my brain
Watch the turbo elephants go around the sun again
Catch the shooting shar that's heading straight towards the door
Take it while I've got it 'cause you won't see me no more

It's a lonely ride

Woman, didn't I say I didn't want you in my head
Oh woman, said I only wanted you to stay in my bed
'cause maybe, if we stick together we'll find our own way home
'cause oh baby, that's the best damn journey that I've ever grown

It's a lonely ride
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Turbo Effalunt (Elephant) Lyrics

Orange Goblin – Turbo Effalunt (Elephant) Lyrics