Set sail on the good ship levitation
Eyes wired shut with fascination
Cold blooded silence in the vacuum
Astronauts dining in the backroom
Words go unspoken and deeds go undone
The mark of the devil engraved on the sun
Freaks and fanatics all losing their mind
No one believed in the world that they've all left behind

Further to the east for liberation
Falling in line for mediaction
Drug addled comfort in the vacuum
Dinosaurs choking in the bathroom
Saturn is calling it's children back home
The eyes of o fmedusa have turned them to stone
Predators wait for the breathing to stop
Clinging to life til the very last drop

Coursing through veins as it cuts to the bone
Talking to someone but I'm all alone
Weight of the world has me pinned to the floor
The doctor don't mind so he's giving me more

Ghosts come and go but they don't know my name
Something is different yet always the same
Brain cannot fuction and hands cannot feel
State of a mind at large, nothing is real
Nothing is real (x4)
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Acid Trial Lyrics

Orange Goblin – Acid Trial Lyrics