Face this Day and Save your Honor
Take this Pain and make this better
Your eyes are waiting for a sign
But loss of love has left you blind
You turn your back on your friends
Now what you sew will bring your end

I can't seem to let go
The pain you cause is constant
Nothing seems to matter
Or get better anymore
Time to turn the tables
End this endless torment
Tear the flesh from my face
Facing what my heart abores
Wait for you to falter
Form a plan for vengeance
Bide my time and wait for you to fall into my trap
Sick of being let down
Done with being stepped on
Kill you with the very knife you left within my back

You talk and take what you need
We walk and back what we believe
You run your mouth while were asleep
I wont rest til you don't breathe
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I Don't Get Mad I Get Stabby Lyrics

Only Innocent Die – I Don't Get Mad I Get Stabby Lyrics