From all I've seen and all I've known
There is one song I sing no more
There is a pain from deep inside

For many years I felt so strong
A single tear I did not share.
I was that brave or I pretended?

And maybe I was just too young
And spent all my thoughts for fun
But I had only good intentions.

... But I found out...

Becoming someone else than me
Was just the way it had to be
As I was searching for addictions.

The rope was tripping down my throat
And she was never ending hope
But even her true love got weaker.

... And I cry now...

I meet myself again!
- Hold on
I 'm making no mistakes this time.

See me crying again!
- Don't go
I have to be myself this time.
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Unsung Songs Lyrics

On Thorns I Lay – Unsung Songs Lyrics