Do you beleive in love at first sight?
Well I do... At least from tha moment I met you
I told myself I wasnt gonna sweat you
Me lose you? Naw aint gon let you
I look into yo eyes, and get lost for dayz
I open my mouth, wit no words to say
Becuase yo beauty, yo style, and yo grace
And that nice a$$ uhh I mean face
Aye but you got me speechless
But hey its kinda hard 4 me 2 speak this
Its like I got shot in tha heart by cupid
I might b crazy, but I'm not stupid
If you don't already know..
If you don't kno whut I'm tryin 2 sho...
What I'm trin 2 say, is that I like you
What I'm hopin 4 you 2 say, is that you like me too
I guess I would understand
If you aint want me 2 b yo man
So gimme a simple response to this rhyme
So I kno whether or not I'm wastin my time
Cuz I gotta stay on tha grind
Thatz whut my rhymes is about
And if you like me, tell me, gimme a shout
If not who knos whut tha future has in store
Yea I kno I tore up tha scene wit my freestyle... Once more
Aiyo ~peace~ I'm out
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To My Love Lyrics

Oman Freestyle – To My Love Lyrics