You said you're a killa
But you're not
You're just a mothafucka
Person who cannot rap

Who do you think you are, battling me?
These are my friends and they all agree
Fuckin bitch! You think you can beat the best?
Are you out of your mind?! I think you better take a rest!

Just because I'm a girl, you thought that I'm a bad rapper
You better be careful, coz I'm also a fighter
Son of a bitch! You wanna start a fight?!
If you do, I'll just kick you and you'll fly like a kite
I'm not kidding coz I'm always right
If you're not dumb, you should know that already coz you're totally bright

I'm not always innocent, you know
Well, I'm not even benevolent, and it would never show
I just think that freestylin is magnificent for sure
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Mothafucka Lyrics

Oman Freestyle – Mothafucka Lyrics