I’ve been worry all day longDon’t know if I’m right or wrongI just can’t help what I sayYour love make me speak this wayWhy,oh why should I feel blueOnce I used to laugh at youBut now I’m cryin’No use denyin’But no one else but you what doYou made me love youI didn’t wnat to do itI didn’t wnat to do itYou made me want youAnd all the time you knew itI guess you’ve always knew itYou made me happy sometimesYou made me gladBut there were times,dearYou made me feel so badYou made me sigh forI didn’t wanna tell yaI didn’t wanna tell yaI want some love,that’s trueYes I do,’deed I doYou know I doGimme,gimme what I cry forYou know you’ve got theKind of kissesThat I’d die forYou knowYou made me love you
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You Made Me Love You Lyrics