There are worse things I could doThan go with a boy or twoEven though the neighborhoodThinks I’m trashy and no goodI suppose it could be trueBut there are worse things I could doI could flirt with all the guysSmile at them and bat my eyesPress against them when we danceMake them think they stand a chanceThen refuse to see it throughThat’s a thing I’d never doI could stay home every nightWait around for mr. rightTake cold showers everydayAnd throw my life awayOn a dream that won’t come trueI could hurt someone like meOut of spite or jealousyI don’t steal, and I don’t lieBut I can feel, and I can cryA fact I’ll bet you never knewBut to cry infront of youThat’s the worse thing I could do
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There Are Worse Things I Could Do Lyrics