(barkam/adams)You can tell that you don’t love meBut baby that’s a lie’cause I see the lovelight burningRight there in your eyeAfter all is said and doneYou know I’m the only one, yeahLet’s move onPick up and go nowOoh, move onHop aboard my sweet lips baby’cause we’re gonna travel farWho knows where we’re gonna wind upMaybe the nearest star, heyAin’t no reason we should waitWe’re playing a game of hesitateLet’s move onA lot of places to go nowOoh, mama move onYou got to take me higherOoh, get down with it girl nowSo what if the feeling don’t last foreverAt least we have todayGonna do the things that we wantAnd do them our own wayDon’t you worry about a thingTake what comes that life will bringLet’s move onKick the dust off your feet nowOh, mama move on itStop your messing about nowLet’s move on
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Let’s Move On Lyrics