(fiett/fletcher)Nothing is moving, all the world is stillNo birds are singing and they never willCause you’re leavingNo doors are open, the sun doesn’t smileThere’s no sign of laughter, it rains all the whileAnd I’m grievingCause you’re leavin’, leavin’Food doesn’t tempt meNo coffee or cakes, everything’s emptyMy heart’s full of aches, nothing can please meWhy are you leaving? Oh, no silver linings, no fluffy white cloudsI keep on walking, I’m lost in a crowdCause you’re leavingNothing gives me pleasure, nothing gives me painI’m all over numb and I can’t explainNow you’re leavingCause you’re leavin’, leavin’So you put me down, you go your way aroundI’m glad you’re doing fine, I’ll make out in timeDon’t you worry, now you’re leaving
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Leaving Lyrics

Olivia Newton-John – Leaving Lyrics