(b. gibb/g. bitzer)Now I like the way you moveAnyway that you make it workAnd you offer something newAnd the doorway is open for meNow a man needs a womanAnd I know that for me is trueAnd life, we got too much realityThere’s gotta be other things to doMe electrify youSimply mystify youVery strange but niceNow somebody wrongAnd somebody rightAnd somebody elseIt’s either one thing or the otherIt’s a fine line between talking and givingIt’s a fine line between dancing and making loveIt’s a fine lineI can see the possibilityAnyway that you wanna beWe all got secret emotionsAnytime after the midnight hourNow love, don’t get short on the actionAnyway, you got the energyMy heart is a part of the plans you madeYou’re the star of my sexual fantasyMe electrify youSimply mystify youHope you stay all nightI’ll have you for dinner or breakfast in bedEither way I get youFor the worse or for the betterIt’s wild, it’s weird, it’s what we think aboutThis ain’t no strip club, shame on you, ’cosYou know somebody thatGot a bead on what you needDon’t sacrifice your loveYou analyze, don’t minimizeWhat only you can rise above nowI know that, don’t you thinkI know you’re watching meYou got no claim to makeWell, that’s no excuseAnd I know the truthYou got brain-drainLong as there’s a game to playSad but there’s only one fool to blameYou don’t think my love should tie you downI say love can turn your groove aroundWatch me please youWatch me play your gameSomeday love will make your water flow
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Fine Line Lyrics