Sponken Word:
If you feel horrible,
From a fight or loss;
Or you just feel like a guilty sin,
Follow everything in life that matters.
If there's things in life you can't share,
Follow me.

Verse 1:
What you feel like is everything that's in sight
Kinda like an evil phantom a night.
You'll stop at nothing for your rights;
But guess what?
You're stuck with that moments
It's trapped in your mind
You feel like a knew
Everything that you were meant to do;
But now you feel like everything in site
Could be your property.
Now listen to what I'm going to say
Read my lips cause this is a true story
But it never happened to me.

Now, if you feel like a starnger at sea,
With nothing but memories;
Come follow me
And if you feel like a
Monster that needs
To feel like your safe
Cause everything in site is way too scary
Just follow me!

Verse 2:
Well, so far you been kicked out of her house
And you
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Reasons To Follow Me Lyrics

Oh R Bee – Reasons To Follow Me Lyrics