And celebrate
Since we are weak and we are rotten
We are cold and we sell our souls to each other
For a night at the bar
And the friends that we miss
And though they are gone
And it's never sweet for certain
And I'm not every step of the way
The same guy as I was five minutes ago
Cause I'm constantly changing
My mind is all honest with myself
It's brutally cold sometimes

Yes, I will waste time
Thinking of the words
That will waste your time
But don't you leave this all to me
And it's a vital slice of the truth; it's the rhythm that saves you
In a spirit that craves you, tonight.

She's got, smoke in the back of her mouth
Her words were written in the wind
As she's were blowing them out
And now it's safe to say
That you've given up dreaming
You've called it a quits
Now, don't you want to?
Rot in the back of her mind
Behind a stone cold lover
And don't you want to?
You know it's time to roll.

Yes I am so damn cruel.
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It Lacks Spirit Lyrics

Of The Pillar – It Lacks Spirit Lyrics