I awoke with a start today, determination was set
Filled with expectation, sacks of soul to collect

But I am so fearful of the future
Ignorant of the present
And wary of the past

And through the door
I shuffle quietly down the hall
Identical corridors and artificial lights

The man in the box, born to set my world to rights
Effortless soon ignites the screaming in my head

Reborn, the catalyst will blow my joy away
Bet you thought that I'd have so much more to say
Come save me now (x2)

But I am so fearful of the future
Ignorant of the present, I'm wary of the past
Well, I don't want to
But it's now a case of HAVE to
I piss away for pittance
Suck up to the man

No wonder - I'm tired
When I awoke - with - a start today
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Catalyst Lyrics

Oceansize – Catalyst Lyrics

Songwriters: Jonathan Ross Ellis, Mark John Heron, Michael James Vennart, Richard Anthony Ingram, Steven John Durose
Catalyst lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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