Day dreaming in the UK...

I love the days when it's going ok...

So much potential that time steals away
If I'd been born on a different day
Some other child, in a far away place

Day dreaming in the UK...

Imagining things that we wish we could say

Don't mind bad weather on my perfect day
Missed my moments as they passed my way
I dream one day she will meet me and stay

Day dreaming in the UK...

Sky switches fast through phases of the day

Atmospheric streets in floodlight
Mood hangs like mist in the night
Stirred by emotions that flowed shaped our lives

Day dreaming in the UK...

Don't mind if it's sunny, raining or grey...

I need to stop day dreaming in the UK

I need to stop daydreaming all day
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Day Dreaming In The UK Lyrics