Take the family guns and lock 'em all inside
I'm coming home
I heard you found someone,
Found someone that looks like me
But oh he's such a bore.
He locks himself inside and never speaks
I heard he laughs at us
Oh you know he really does

Well I'm callin the cops
I'm diggin for trash and the neighbors don't care
Cause I'm callin the shots
If you like it or not man
Believe me its already right now

Friends like cannonballs
Hit him on the head to dim the lights
And they're after me oh you know they have to be
Well oh hear the cameras roll
And hush as the picture us indoors
I hope you make a name
Oh you know you'll stake a claim for us


The proof is in the shock
That when the curtains drop we won't know where to stand
So we're singin as hard as we can
Well like it or not man believe me its already right now
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Alone At Last Lyrics

Nurses – Alone At Last Lyrics