You used to be this little girl around the way,
But you've grown up and now you've got me feeling faint.
Your body's talkin' and that's no lie.
And I've been waiting for the subject to apply.

No use in tryin' to keep a secret from you
Girl I can't hide it you know I can't fight it
So if you feel a little poke comin' through
Tell me what can I do? I'm crushin' on you

Tell me baby how can I get down with you?
Your body's talking to me
My body's talkin' to you
Oh tell me baby what am I supposed to do?
Can't you see what you've done?
The damage is done, I'm sprung

Maybe I'll call a psychic on the telephone
And she could tell me how to get you all alone
I need a gypsy, to comearound
Stir up a potion that will cool my body down

I'm burnin' up, you know my body's on fire
Just hold me close, you can feel my desire
It's only natural for my nature to rise
I fell under your spell, when I looked in your eyes


Oh girl I feel like I'm ready to explode
Because, the time is right, wee should be makin' love all night
So baby let me know, if it's a go
I'm tight as a drum
Baby girl you know you got me sprung

You turn me on, oh girl I'm sprung
Oh baby baby, don't you know you got me goin' crazy, crazy
You turn me on, oh girl I'm sprung
What am I supposed to do?
Little sexy thing, I'm addicted to you

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Sprung Lyrics

Nu Flavor – Sprung Lyrics

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