Riding through the summer night

Riding on my brave new bike
Watch the skies and I'm happy, glad and proud
Pirate cards from underworld
Dusty, grey and very old
Take me to the place I've dreamed of every night

Ten steps right and then I turn around
Eight steps west and saw I'm standing
Right on golden ground

It's the night when I find gold
Smash the spade deep In the ground
It's the night to find what I have
Been dreaming of
It's the night when I find gold

There's a chest deep in the ground
Spade makes a metallic sound
Ecstasy is taking control of my whole brain
Pulling out the mighty box
My smile is growing to my ears
My poor bike has to carry tons and tons tonight

Now I'm biking home, a wealthy man
King of the day, and you should know the reason why:

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The Night Lyrics

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