There's a place for you an no one knows it's name
You give up searching, and you are really not to blame
It's where the power burns and never fades away
Where you're the strongest, you know what you've got to say

Close your eyes and drift away
Follow me and I will show you my own way
How to open up that door, that one that is inside of you

When I go down, I close my eyes
It's time for you to burn and blow away the pieces
Building up a fortress banning lies
When I go down, I close my eyes
And I know that there's a place somewhere inside me
The place in which I'm finally at home

Let your bombs explode and execute your fear
Don't care 'bout nothing, but do just what you feel
All the problems and the worries of the past
Unnecessary, 'cause no one cares about at last
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