All things arranged now
All things will be prepared
One day, I guess, it will be ready for the day

No one's complaining
It seems I lose control
Another story of a never ending life

Any day I felt O.K. - it's over now
I am the master of my life

I know the times when I'm lost and confused
I lose my control and I'll find you
In the middle of our world
With no anger and pain
The story's out now - the life shield has gone away

I reach perfection
It seems to be complete
There's nothing I can do, but parting in my seat

I'm not crazy - I just call "It's true"
I'm just lazy - to take another youth

I look for attractions
They push me up so high
It seems like flying with Lambrusco to Hawaii

I will find you
With no anger and pain
The life shield has gone
The story's out now
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Perfect Life Lyrics

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