Strange was the night, and I laughed very bright
The sun is rising and I'm lonely, what has happen?
Beautiful land, bottle wine in my hand
Part of the ocean, drinking in the sand. What?

Wine in the sand, every day is weekend
Nips of your memories you'll miss my friend, you'll miss it.
Wine in the sand, and you accept no end
Just raise your bottle, enter paradise, what a taste, yeah!

Greatness is mine, I can't walk on a line
But this harmonic taste in my brain must be a sign
Everything is fine till I've got enough wine
I've got no trouble and that's good!
What, we worry?

Win in the sand, everyday is weekend
Your horz porz memories will be your friend
They'll stay forever
Wine in the sand, and you accept no end
So keep your horz porz memories 'till the end.

Horz porz memories are coming to my mind!
N.: Horz Porz (fam.) - (Something that kicks ass)
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Horz Porz Memories Lyrics

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