When you hear the sound - then you scream as loud as you can:
Ooooh Gooood! Turn it off! Shoot the dj down or blow his town!
Who is to blame for the sounds of crap!

The sound of the night is not right!

[Pre - Chorus:]
Tell me where's the band in modern music land -
The Teenage Playback Rockers eat 'em, eat 'em!
When they talk about, instead of singing 'bout it.
What is your opinion - eat 'em...

Hey this is the planet of bad taste and dancefloor - mania. I fear, this is our home!
Playback Rockers everywhere in every hole whole day on air - you can't escape 'am all.
We could throw some spice on them to make them taste all right and then - Hurray -
Turn the oven on - they are not my taste of course but they taste good with garlic sauce,
So dip and take a bite.

Hear the kitchen clock and the crust is well done, the candles on - Dinner time!
The boygroup is well done and a good wine open. I feel so fine have great time:

The sound of the night is all right!


Take a bite - not a lite - a big bite it's all right!!!
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Eat The Playback Rockers Lyrics

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